Dj Stamatis Katharopoulos (Thessaloniki-Greece)

Dj Stamatis Katharopoulos (Thessaloniki-Greece)

Stamatis started as tango dancer in 2004.

In 2006 he began teaching and organizing his first milongas where he started to make his first steps as a Tango DJ.

As a dancer and as a teacher he always emphasized with musicality, something helpful which inspired him to begin as a Tango DJ, forming a personal style in his musical choices.

Sensitive to the pulsations of the ball and fed by his intense experience as a dancer, he compose selections tailored to the circumstances of each milonga to delight dancers.

In each tanda, he seek a balance between tonus and softness, between melody and rhythm.

His moto is that every period of tango music, from 30’s up today has to prevent masterpieces of every orchestra.

Passionate by tangos of the 30’s to the 50’s, and new orchestras the last years, the creation of atmosphere and energy is his“must”.

He has attended seminars by the best world’s masters such as Mariano Chicho Frumboli, Gustavo Naveira, Miguel Angel Zotto, as well as famous DJ’s such as Super Sabino, Marcelo Rojas and others.

He has organized many important international tango events such as 1st and 2nd Thessaloniki Tango Fest, Chalkidiki Tango Marathon, 1st& 2nd TanguerosTango Marathon as well as many other local events.

He has played at all local milongas in Thessaloniki and many other cities in Greece, international events and festivals in Greece and abroad (Italy, Russia, Germany, Poland, North Macedonia, Serbia, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Turkey).

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